Welcome! As this is a career platform, I'll keep it professional and business-y

I am a software compression engineer based in South Africa. Suprise! I never wanted to be a software engineer!


Back in high school, I loved Physics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing and Engineering Mathematics (Applied Mathematics). So basically I was a nerd! Scratch that! I'm still a nerd! hahaha. I wanted to study Petrochemical Engineering. I even went as far as gaining admission into Convenant University (Nigeria). This happened back in 2010. Till this very day, I cannot explain how I ignored my "passion" for Engineering and chose Information Technology. But I'll jog my memory and explain the changes that took place.

Back in 2009, my uncle bought me a HP-G61 laptop (3GB RAM and 250GB HDD). Now back then, It was the bomb!. I grew up, partly in Nigeria (I'll never say where I'm really from! hahaha). As my Nigerian "padis" know, Nigeria still lacks constant electricity supply. In South Africa, It is called load-shedding. Funny enough Nigeria experiences lots of "load-shedding" everyday!

Back to my story. Whenever, we experienced "load-shedding", I'd always dust the laptop and play around with it. As the days went by, I got fascinated with how the laptop worked. How a web page loaded up so quickly! How I was able to watch a movie and simultaenously be able to browse the internet, type an assignment and still connect lots of devices (via the USB port) to it.

This got me fascinated and at the same time, curious. During this time, I still prayed to God for proper direction regarding the course to study. And boom! this curiousity turned into admiration. 

I ended up enrolling at Career Excel UK where I was awarded my first full scholarship. I bagged my U.K Foundation Degree in Computing and Information Technology.

Then I got a full scholarship to study at CTI Education Group (now Pearson Institute) in South Africa from 2011 - 2014. I completed my degree with all distinctions and a CGPA of 4.95.

Before I completed my degree, I secretly started developing an AI software platform. The aim of this platform was to auto generate any software within seconds. So basically, the AI would takethe business requirements and then (in C/C++/PHP) auto-generate the pre-compiled code. The aim was to simplify the time I spent writing a software down to couple of days.

I initially developed the platform using Python and Ruby (I love combining different programming languages). But Python could not do the job properly. So I re-wrote the entire platform in C, C++, PHP and Python (I had no choice but to use it).

  • C and C++ is used for the data-science, AI and Neural Network module
  • PHP is used for the core business logic
  • Python is used for the caching layer of the platform

Fun Fact! This is the AI software I use to develop all my platforms, including KwickBox. I am able to use this platform to develop any software within days! and No my platform is not open-source (Yet!)

Then I got employed by a software startup in 2015 as a Java Software Engineer. Luckily, I never did an internship programme. This was a personal choice. I always felt that the fastest way to learn programming and general IT skills is by being thrown into the deep-end (metaphorically).

This job was by far the worst I ever had (so i thought haha!). I experienced lots of issues, which I cannot expose here.

As faith would have It, I left the job in 2016 and then got a new job in September 2016. This job defined the expression, "from the frying pan into the fire!". In both jobs, there were issues of color (the best I can describe it!), extremely boring projects, bad computers, rude clients and more!

After quiting within 9months, I bounced back to my old side projects. My biggest mistake was that I never believed in myself. I was made to believe that the only way to write a software or start a company was by getting "work experience". Going through my side projects, I saw lots of potential and ubiquity!

In 2018, I finally created my first startup, Intuitive Web, 


In 2019, I bagged the Brave Founder of The Year Award (Awarded by the Southern Africa Startup Awards)


March 2020, I created my first public platform called QuickPublisher (A simple blogging platform to bring back the fun in blogging!) 


My latest platform (2020) is KwickBox. The website you're currently on! I built this platform to revolutionize the recruitment industry. Most career based websites have missed the target. Whenever a job gets posted, odds are the recruiter has already received 50+ PDF CV's. Most times, recruiters end up not going through each CV's. They resort to getting recommendations from friends and other recruiters for suggestions. This is where my platform comes in. KwickBox advertises you and not the job!

What makes my platform unique, aside from its super simple UI/UX is its business process. I feature the front page of 40 users on my platform monthly, for free! to lots of recruiters (1000+ monthly new visitors). This increases the odds of landing a job. All you have to do is:

  • Create your free account on this website
  • Create your front page as I did mine
  • Visit your Site Settings and enable the weekly profile highlights
  • And voila! your profile could be featured weekly to lots of employers

Also, last year I officially became a Polyglot. I speak 8 languages fluently!

  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Yoruba (Home language)
  • Hausa
  • Welsh

Regarding work, my hands are tied. Therefore I do not accept freelance projects. I'll be happy to assist (for free!) on your projects.

The following are my skills

  • C
  • C++
  • PHP (no frameworks)
  • Ruby (no frameworks)
  • Python (no frameworks)
  • R
  • Javascript (no frameworks)
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JIRA
  • Bitbucket
  • Jenkins
  • SVN, GIT
  • White-hat hacking
  • Linguistic translator in the above languages (reading and writing)
  • Teaching programming
  • Desktop support
  • Devops
  • Data analysis using R and C++

Contact me by clicking on CONTACT ME at the top of this page, and I'll respond promptly!

Once again, thank you for taking the time!