As a Job Seeker, Have Your Résumé In The Hands Of Professionals In Your Chosen Field

Industries are more dynamic everyday. Having your Résumé reviewed by a generic recruiter who doesn't know much about your field won't do you any good

  • Receive reviews on your Résumé by simply toggling a checkbox on your profile
  • Implement changes suggested by professionals with a single click
  • Control your entire Résumé site with access control. Nobody can alter your Résumé without your permission
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As a Résumé Reviewer, Share Your Experience & Knowledge With Job Seekers

Get various awards and points by reviewing Résumés here on KwickBox

  • The more the Résumés you review, the higher your ranking
  • Use your points to advertise your products on your profile
  • Improve your writing skills as you review more Résumés
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  • Grant authorized people access to your Résumé
  • Extend your Résumé site with public pages. Use this to add blog articles, more about you, etc
  • Get instant notifications when your Résumé has been opened
  • Get verified references by sending invite links to trusted people
  • Lure your next employer with a well designed front page using either markdown or the famous WYSIWYG editor
  • Easy to use step by step Résumé builder
  • Connect your GitHub account
  • Answer more job questions by using private pages visible only to the hiring employer
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  • Have actual professionals or and Invite trusted people to review each section of your Résumé online. Get lots of feedback for improvement
  • Add custom sections to your Résumé
  • Design the description section of your Résumé using our easy to use WYSIWYG editor
  • Edit the section labels on your Résumé to your taste
  • Customize your Résumé per job application. Edit every section according to the job specification within seconds.
  • Track your Résumé & front page visits via a geographical map
  • Get advanced location tracking data regarding where your Résumé was viewed
  • Priority user support
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