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  • Grant authorized people (employers, colleagues,etc) access to your C.V
  • Extend your C.V site with public pages. Use this to add blog articles, more about you, etc
  • Get instant notifications when your C.V has been opened. Time to keep your fingers crossed
  • Get verified references by sending invite links to trusted referees
  • Lure your next employer with a well designed front page using either markdown or the famous WYSIWYG editor
  • Easy to use step by step C.V builder
  • Close job deals through your front page
  • With an attractive front page, We could showcase you on KwickBox for free
  • Answer more job questions by using private pages visible only to the hiring employer
Everything in Free plan plus:
  • Get job opportunities by showcasing your front page to employers, recruiters and visitors here on KwickBox
  • Get featured in our daily newsletter which gets viewed by thousands of employers in different sectors
  • Get advanced location tracking data regarding where your C.V was viewed
  • Track your C.V & front page visits via a geographical map
  • Invite trusted individuals (colleagues, friends, etc) to review your C.V online. Get lots of feedback for improvement
  • Priority user support - 24/7
  • Incognito chats with prospective employers (coming soon)
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