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Design your front page with our easy to use builder platform


Know when your C.V has been opened by recruiters


What Job Seekers Stand To Gain


Get Your Next Job/Side Gig While Enjoying 100% Privacy And Security

Focus on designing and writing your CV. Say goodbye to applying for jobs with your PDF CV.

  • Signup here and setup your CV within 2minutes
  • Design your front page using either WYSIWYG or Markdown styling
  • Get featured here on KwickBox and receive lots of attention from recruiters, employers and potential future work partners
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Grant Employers And Other Individuals Access To Your CV

This feature places you in incognito mode. Grant your desired employers access to your CV

  • As you apply for jobs, dictate how long (in terms of date-time) each potential employer can access your CV
  • Know when your CV has been opened. Time to keep your fingers crossed
  • Answer additional job questions such as motivational letters, etc using our intuitive platform

Make A Great First Impression

KwickBox has provided you with a blank front page. The front page is the first thing every visitor sees upon arriving at your CV

  • Design your front page your style using either Markdown or the famous WYSIWYG editor
  • Attach screenshots of work you've done, pictures (in form of quotes, etc) that have motivated you to be better
  • Should your field of specialization not require the traditional CV, use this page to seal the job!
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Improve The Quality Of Your CV With External Feedback

KwickBox provides robust privacy. Take advantage of this by inviting trusted people to your CV website

  • Announce more trust on your CV by using verified references. Invite trusted individuals to provide short descriptive references
  • Invite friends, colleagues and other professionals to review your CV. Get valuable feedback: use this to improve the quality of your CV
  • Keep your authorized users (employers, friends, etc) up to date when you acquire new skills and certificates
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What Employers Stand To Gain


Unrestricted Access To Updated Information

Get access to the employee's information, once a valid work contract has been signed and agreed upon

  • Connect with our API to get the updated CV's of all your employees within seconds
  • Export CV's in either PDF/JSON format as per your current system's configuration
  • Integrate your KwickBox user account with your current system
  • Get updated CV's for accurate performance appraisals and more HR activities
  • As KwickBox provides a more predictive resumé pattern, extraction of information is easier as compared to spending lots of resources in extraction and re-entering of information

Get More Information About Your Applicants

  • In addition to receiving the traditional CV, acquire additional information via the applicant's front page and other pages within the CV website as per user permissions

Save Up On Storage!

  • With KwickBox, say goodbye to being bogged down with lots of PDF CV applications. Choose your next hire within seconds using our intuitive filter search
  • Access resumé via a secure link. Only save the PDF copy when you have offered the applicant employment
  • Store the resumé of all your employees on our secured server and save up-to 60% off storage costs
  • Turn KwickBox into your personal ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and query service. KwickBox can recieve custom query parameters to perform advanced sorting techniques.The platform can also extract information and output in JSON/XML to make your analysis process easier, as compared to the lengthy process involved in extracting information from CV's

Solid Security And CV Link Verification!

  • Your email address is now private and offlimits from spammers. Communicate with your next hire through our platform
  • Advanced end-to-end encryption
  • Easily verify the validity of CV links through our server


Pricing Options

  • Grant authorized people (employers, colleagues,etc) access to your C.V
  • Extend your C.V site with public pages. Use this to add blog articles, more about you, etc
  • Get instant notifications when your C.V has been opened. Time to keep your fingers crossed
  • Get verified references by sending invite links to trusted referees
  • Lure your next employer with a well designed front page using either markdown or the famous WYSIWYG editor
  • Easy to use step by step C.V builder
  • Close job deals through your front page
  • With an attractive front page, We could showcase you on KwickBox for free
  • Answer more job questions by using private pages visible only to the hiring employer
Everything in Free plan plus:
  • Get job opportunities by showcasing your front page to employers, recruiters and visitors here on KwickBox
  • Get featured in our daily newsletter which gets viewed by thousands of employers in different sectors
  • Get advanced location tracking data regarding where your C.V was viewed
  • Track your C.V & front page visits via a geographical map
  • Invite trusted individuals (colleagues, friends, etc) to review your C.V online. Get lots of feedback for improvement
  • Priority user support - 24/7
  • Incognito chats with prospective employers (coming soon)
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